Ganriki-san Shrine in Fushimi, Kyoto

Ganriki-san, a deity known to few, enshrined in holy Mt. Inari at Fushimi, Kyoto. Blessings of recovery from eye disease as well as of foresight, success in business and financial markets.

Kyoto, Fushimi Inari, sightseeing, torii gates painted vermilion The purification fountain in the shape of a fox running down from Mt. Inari.Visit Mt. Inari, a holy place for prayer, on a trip to Kyoto.

Ganriki-san Shrine, a deity known to few

Ganriki-san, a deity enshrined in Mt. Inari where Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto is located, is said to bring you blessings of recovery from eye diseases as well as of foresight.

Mt. Inari is so holy a place, where Fushimi-Inari Taisha, the head shrine of all Inari shrines throughout Japan, is enshrined that it has been revered by many people. There are many little sub-shrines here and there in the mountain, one of which is Ganriki-san Shrine, known to few tourists because it is a little bit distant from the main shrine building. However, some believers familiar with Ganriki-san, especially such as business people and market traders, have continued to visit here for worship. This shrine is known to those in the know.

Miraculous blessings of Ganriki-san have been passed down from generation to generation.

Along the approach from the precincts to a building of Ganriki-san Shrine, there are countless torii gates painted vermilion in a mystical atmosphere. Going through many torii gates, you will arrive at Ganriki-san Shrine in about 40 minutes. It is said that people from all over Japan visit Ganriki-san Shrine to get miraculous blessings. You will feel relieved and purified by the time you finish your worship, making an offering such as candles available at Ganriki-tei, a small shop across from the shrine. However, that is not all. Devout believers who have been visiting Ganriki-san know firsthand that something very mysterious can happen through the power of Ganriki-san. Countless torii gates along the approach in Mt. Inari were dedicated to deities by worshipers in appreciation of fulfillment of their prayers, which shows the mysterious and inexplicable can really happen in the world.

Strange things do happen. How amazing!

If you like, try to come to Ganriki-san Shrine once. A lot of believers who have experienced something mysterious visit Ganriki-tei Shop and talk about what has happened to them. Among other things, the most frequent stories are about their recoveries from illnesses. Ganriki-san is so famous as a deity for eye diseases that many people visit here to pray for successes of their eye surgeries, and those who recovered from many kinds of diseases, including eye problems, come and pray to give thanks to Ganriki-san. It is also said that Ganriki-san grants many kinds of wishes such as good luck in businesses, promotions, school works, and human relationships with the mysterious power. These years, many of those who saw this website visit Ganriki-san not only from all over Japan but also from throughout the world, although Ganriki-san was previously known to few people in the Kansai region, including Kyoto, Osaka and Nara. Ganriki-tei Shop is often so crowded with worshipers and visitors that you sometimes cannot get settled. In such a case, however, you can create a connection with Ganriki-san someday if you pray sincerely, enjoying the atmosphere in the precinct without disappointment. I hope you connect with Ganriki-san to have good luck in recovery from diseases and good business.

Miraculous power of Ganriki-san Shrine La mystère
There are many legends about Ganriki-san Shrine, one of which has it that a blind man got his vision back. Another has it that a company in financial difficulty recovered in performance.
Souvenirs from Ganriki-san Shrine Souvenirs from Ganriki-san Shrine
Candles for Ganriki-san Shrine and souvenirs are available for purchase at the small shop called Ganriki-tei.

Souvenirs from Ganriki-san Shrine

Souvenirs de Ganriki-sha

Tradition has it that various souvenirs available only at Ganriki-tei Shop bring you good lucks.

The road to Ganriki-san Shrine

Pour venir à Ganriki-sha

It takes about 30 minutes on foot from the foot of Mt. Inari to Ganriki-san Shrine.

Access to Ganriki-san Shrine

Pour venir à Ganriki-sha

How do I get to Ganriki-san Shrine by train or car? A guide to Ganriki-san.

Mt. Inari

La montagne Inari

Mt. Inari is the head shrine of Inari Shrines throughout Japan.

Ganriki notebook by Ganriki-san Shrine

Souvenirs de Ganriki-sha

Notebook you write down your goal and prayer on to make them come true.

Cushion of Ganriki-san Shrine

Cadre de Ganriki-san

Red cushion upgrades you and golden cushion brings you economic fortune.

Medallion of Ganriki-san Shrine

Médaillon de Ganriki-san

Medallion made of soil kneaded with the water of Ganriki-san Shrine.

Eraser of Ganriki-san Shrine

La gomme des

Eraser of Ganriki-san Shrine makes your desire closer to reality the more you use it.